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The Vanity Pages

Welcome to the Vanity Pages! Brought to you by popular request, well, no, really just a persistent mom who wants some pictures of all the 'fun things [I'm] doing and the ever-changing haircolor'. Apparently her friends don't believe what-all I'm up to. So, very simple, but, given download time, not so short, here are links to various pages of pics. Someday, this section will be fully designed and in Flash...
Baby Cora

Wedding in Scotland

See the pupster on Dogster!

Our house in the middle of the street

Xmas in Scotland

Random pics of friends and family

Birthday in Nebraska

Birthday Party 2001

Haircolor Heaven

My New Car (It's part electric!!!)

Whitewater Rafting


The Pets Page

Coming soon:

Halloween in Vegas

New Year's in Venice [and Rome]

Road Trip Through Italy and France with a Side of Barcelona

Lise and Alex Big Bday Bash 2002

Venice Again - this time with my honey

Tahoe Weekend with Jeff Et Al

Networking with Isa, Les and Douglas

Douglas - Kilt n All

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